Sunday, April 11, 2010

Very thankful

Its spring and i am enjoying the weather. The beautiful sunshine, flowers the birds singing in the morning.
im very thankful for family and everything that they do for me and my family. what a wonderful thing to have and know that you can always count on them when you are in need of help. im thankful for prayer that i can pray to my heavenly father and talk with him. Because i know he will always be there for me when i need it the most. i am thankful for church for the people in it, that love me and my family and would do anything to help us in anyway.
i am thankful for my husband, that works hard to provide for us, that loves and cares for us always.
i am thankful for my girls, they have sweet spirits and hearts full of love. they are so innocent and they fill my life with sunshine and happiness and love.
i am thankful for the prophet for his words that uplift me and the love that he has for us.
i am thankful to be a latter day saint.
i am thankful for all the blessing in my life.
i am thankful for my life.
i am thankful for my eternal companion and that my babies are mine for eternity.
i am so thankful for everything and today is a good day!
I love everyone in my life.

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